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What Others Are Saying

Awesome teachers; awesome staff; 100% turn around in my children.

This school is amazing! I have 3 children attending Immanuel Lutheran School one in kindergarten, one in 1st grade, and one in 3rd grade. The kids love it! The school has a great curriculum and family atmosphere that has helped my children thrive. I would recommend Immanuel to anyone looking for a top notch education for their child!

I have a preschooler and a 2nd grader here. Absolutely one of the best decisions I have made for them. The staff is so caring and make you feel like family. There is a huge improvement in my children since switching them from a public school-in both grades and attitudes! Thank you!

Immanuel Lutheran is a wonderful school. I went there for 4th-6th grade and now my daughter is attending her second year in preschool there! I loved it as a student and I love it as a parent. Such kind, hardworking staff. And most important, my daughter loves going to school each day and loves all her teachers and the activities they do every year! Thank you for making our experience such a positive one!

My daughter is new to Immanual Lutheran, this is her second week. I want to say "Thank you" for helping her transition wonderfully! She's made friends and loves her new school! Immanual is just what we wanted for her. Christ centered, loving, inviting and just a kind environment to be in. Thank you for maintaining a great school! 

Immanuel Lutheran School is a wonderful, spirit filled place for children to grow learning not only the contents of traditional schools,, but the lessons of Christ. I have sent all five of my children to Immanuel and I couldn't have asked for a better start to their education, and growth as children in Faith!

I have 3 children enrolled and the oldest had attended for 7 years. I could not be more pleased with the school as a whole. The staff is amazing and more like an extended family then teachers. While it's Hamiltons best kept secret, it shouldn't be!! Wonderful, wonderful school.

Our daughter went to daycare at Immanuel when she was young, loved it. When she attended public schools, she started to fall behind and was running with the wrong crowd. When that started, we decided to enroll her at ILS...that was the best decision we could have made for our daughter. Immanuel is s wonderful school, filed with amazing teachers and staff! Our daughter thrived at ILS, because she was back home. ..where she was loved. I'd recommend Immanuel to anyone!

I attended Immanuel Lutheran over ten years ago but the values and skills that I learned while there are still impacting me today. In fact, my full-time career had its start there and wouldn't have become a reality without the resources and the people at Immanuel!

Immanuel Lutheran School has been a blessing in my families life for almost seven years! My granddaughter attended child care at a very young age, and loved it! We were in search of a new church, and attended Immanuel Lutheran for a service. I was very impressed, and moved to say the least. We continued to go, and my granddaughter was baptized on February 5, 2012. We immediately had a whole new family, and a lot of new friends. I decided that I wanted her to attend Immanuel Lutheran school, a bird whispered on how we could do it. I wanted the very best for my granddaughter, as all parents, and families do. So we took the necessary steps, enrolled her in kindergarten, and again we received another family, and very close friends. She is now in fourth grade, and I could not imagine how her life, or mine would be if we didn't have Immanuel Lutheran School, church, and all of the teachers, friends, and support over the years. I wish that Immanuel Lutheran School went to 12th grade. Maybe someday! The point is we want the very best for our youth, and that is what Immanuel Lutheran School gives.

Our 3 boys are enrolled here. EVERY member of staff at Immanuel Lutheran School goes out of their way to serve the children and families who are there. They STRONGLY mirror the core values we try to teach at home, creating a beautiful and harmonious community for our family!! I’ve nothing negative to report. If there’s a conflict, grace is paired with discipline and responsibility. If you’re considering this school, you’ll be so impressed with the quality of EDUCATION AND CARE given. It’s more than I could ever ask for! We are truly so blessed to be a part of this school family!!!

Our daughter was blessed to be educated at Immanuel Lutheran school for three years. From the office administration, Mrs Flemming , to the teachers, to the former Principal, to the church office staff, to the beautiful congregational members, to Pastor Jud, our family was welcomed as Gods people into their flock. it was a wonderful three years. I only wish the school was able to offer school through the High school grades. Thank you all and God bless you. We miss you Immanuel.

All I can say is it warms my heart to have my son be so excited about starting his first day of 3 rd grade today and that he couldn't wait to get there this morning! Our son has gone to Immanuel Lutheran school since kindergarten and has loved every year there! I am so thankful that we picked Immanuel Lutheran School for our son's education along with his faith in Jesus to continue to grow while in school. The whole staff and Pastor Jud are the nicest people and you are always treated like family there. We are so blessed to be a part of Immanuel's family!

This is the first year of school for my 5yr old son. He loves getting up to go to school and his teacher as well as the awesome staff has made his transition as a kindergartner a lot easier. Thank you for all that you guys have done for him as well as my husband and I. We all feel like family when we walk in the doors.

When I made the decision to send my daughter here I had no idea what an amazing school & community Immanuel is. Best decision I've ever made & I'm so very thankful for the entire staff. if you're looking for a school for your child, this is the BEST school in the city!!

We love the School and the Church the people are amazing.

I absolutely love this school/staff and pastor,everyone is so friendly and they make you feel like family,my granddaughter has been going here since kindergarten and we all love it!!!!!

If you are looking for a caring and loving group of people and a faith based education for your children or grandchildren. Check out Immanuel Lutheran.

I love the atmosphere in this school! There is such a loving spirit in the staff. I feel my grandchildren are learning some important life skills in a loving, caring environment.

Immanuel school its the best thing I ever did for my son. Great education and loving people in a safe Christian environment. Love it!

Love it!!!! So kid friendly and I can say personally, there are a lot of smiles at Immanuel! We are all one big happy Family!

Had a great time this year officiating there! Awesome atmosphere! Prayer before the game, team intro with music! Priceless!! Very warm welcoming People!

Immanuel is supportive of not just the students but the entire family. My family is so appreciative of the staff and their willingness to lend help in any situation we’ve faced through the school years. If you are looking for a school that feels like family you’ll find it at Immanuel Lutheran