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LSGO Tax Credit

As you may have heard, the Ohio legislature approved the formation of Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGOs) in 2021. Immanuel Lutheran School has since been accepted to participate in the Lutheran Scholarship Granting Organization of Ohio (LSGO of Ohio).
The purpose of SGOs is to raise and distribute scholarships to students in Preschool through 12th grade. Donors making contributions to SGOs can claim a dollar-for-dollar nonrefundable tax credit of up to $750 per person ($1,500 for married couples filing jointly) against their State of Ohio income tax liability. An annual contribution would be deductible on your yearly State of Ohio return.

Immanuel Lutheran School’s participation in the LSGO of Ohio ensures students have an opportunity to receive a high-quality, Christian education today that will last a lifetime. Please consider making a contribution of up to $750 (or $1,500) to Immanuel’s account by mailing a check payable to the LSGO of Ohio at 3870 Linden Road, Rocky River, Ohio, 44116 or going online at to make an online donation (don’t forget to designate Immanuel as the participating school).

If you have any questions regarding how these funds will be used at Immanuel, please contact me at If you have any questions regarding how the LSGO of Ohio works, please contact Dr. Randall W. Luecke, Executive Director, at

Thank you for your consideration in this matter, and for your continued support of Christian education.